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    Aqua Royal Blend for Unisex

    Aqua Royal Blend by Arabian has a masterful combination of Oud, Musk and Amber that captures the natural beauty of this most precious fragrances. Strong mix of scents in one bottle meant to let you feel unique. An exquisite blend fit for royalty. Huge staying power and long sillage
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    111.99$ 37.33$

    New poem in the world of perfumes, Hayati by Arabian Oud is an award-winning fragrance created by the largest specialized oud and oriental perfume retailer in the world,a distinct and stylish form mixed with an exciting content. Hayati by Arabian Oud will transport you to oriental fruit forests rich where ripe peaches sweeten on the branches and beguiling bergamot gives a citric scent to the air. Soft vanilla, earthy musk and sensuous sandalwood add depth and complexity to this beloved perfume.

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    53.33$ 18.67$

    A bold perfume filled with the scent of special nights to fill your soul with the highest meanings of love. Full of moist Bioni flower, breeze of the patchouli flower, sandalwood and a mixture of refreshing fruits. It’s a perfume that will make you get lost in the feelings of love and its delicacy to reflect your delicate senses filled with your dreamy perfume.

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    Yadis Blanc

    53.33$ 24.00$

    From the heart of Arabian Oud, our team of experienced specialists are proud to bring you Yadis Blanc – A secret formula that will make you dazzle everyone around with your distinguished scent. Yadis Blanc by Arabian Oud is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Top notes are Cinnamon and Citruses. Middle note is Orange blossom. Base notes are Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood.